Design & Heritage - John and Sylvia Reid
  • Well-designed furniture with a timeless look


Mid Century Modern is a widely used term which describes the architecture, furniture and graphic design prevalent in the middle part of the 20th century − roughly from 1933 to 1965. Mid Century furniture is simply about well-designed objects with a timeless look which fit very well in contemporary homes and interiors – and still feel fresh today.

John and Sylvia Reid were pioneers in furniture design of that era. Their S-Range, with its elegant and simple designs and quality engineering ensured the pieces became – and remain – modern classics.


Design Heritage

John and Sylvia Reid were both working architects, and gained valuable experience working for influential British designer Robin Day and Hille in the early 1950s. They were asked to design a range of furniture for Stag, and fostered a 10-year partnership between 1952 and 1962 with the manufacturer. John and Sylvia’s son Dominic Reid is overseeing the reissue, ensuring the furniture remains faithful to the original designs. The pieces are being manufactured by Nicholas Radford, son of the original manufacturers, who worked with John and Sylvia.

line drawings


Taking inspiration from the prevailing Scandinavian designers of the time, and drawing on their architectural background, John and Sylvia were among the pioneers of British Mid Century Modern furniture. With features including projecting ‘tab’ handles and V-shaped legs in nickel-plated stainless steel, the look and style has an enduring feel with original pieces still much sought-after by collectors.



Every piece in the S-Range is manufactured from the highest quality (and most attractive) teak veneer on external surfaces, together with African walnut solids on certain edges in keeping with the original furniture range.

Contrasting beech veneers have been use on the internal surfaces, as well as beech drawer components individually selected to represent John and Sylvia Reid’s specifications as closely as possible.

All the S-Range hardware has been handcrafted to the original drawings including the brushed satin nickel finish of the metalwork. Care has been taken to ensure even the smallest details are followed, such as the small radius on the bottom of each leg which ensures it sits on the other point and won't wobble.

The hinges have been handcrafted to complete not only the look, but also ensure the distinct 270 degree opening of the original furniture.

John & Sylvia Badge

Certification Badge

To mark the authenticity and design credentials of the S-Range, each piece of furniture has an aluminium badge with the ‘John & Sylvia Reid’ logo, the model reference and a unique sequential item number.

The badge is placed discretely on each piece of furniture, for example inside the doors on the sideboard units.