Environmental Policy - John & Sylvia Reid


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All of the teak we use in our furniture is responsibly sourced from managed forests and plantations. These are fully documented to ensure our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy this king of timbers for hundreds of years to come.

The tree from which your furniture came from may have grown for 100 years or more. Teak is a slow growing wood from the high reaches of South East Asia.

As it matures, it takes on the character of the ground in which it grows. The black lines, mineral stains and calcium deposits make each tree unique, and your furniture will be as unique as your fingerprint.

No two pieces in the John and Sylvia Reid S-Range collection will be exactly the same in colour or character. We do not use an equalising stain on your furniture so it will keep its individual character through the protective finish.

Your furniture will mellow over time and we suggest you do not leave it in direct sunlight. Where you place books and other decorative items, these should be moved around during the first year until the piece has fully mellowed.