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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my existing order?

Once you've placed an order, you won’t be able to make changes to any upholstered items as these are made for specifically you. However, you may make changes to cabinet pieces but this may result in a longer delivery time. No changes can be made after your order has been dispatched, but you will be able to change contact and delivery details through the My Orders page.

What warranty does John and Sylvia Reid furniture have?

We use the best materials we can find to replicate the way these products were made in the sixties. We hope you will delighted with what we have produced for you.

If you have an issues which you would like to discuss with us please contact us within 14 days and lets us know.

We stand by our warranty except where we believe the furniture has:

(a) been improperly altered by an unauthorised person(s);
(b) been subjected to misuse;
(c) not been stored is a suitable environment
(d) been used for commercial purposes

To see our full terms and conditions

I am not happy with either a product or service from John and Sylvia Reid. What can I do?

We hope any issues and problems you may encounter will be able to be resolved between us amicably and we will do our upmost to ensure you an completely satisfied with your purchase. However, in any event please contact us first. If we cannot resolve your issue to your satisfaction we have a dispute procedure set out in our

Does the John and Sylvia Reid S Range come in any other finishes than teak?

Currently the range is true to the original collection and is only available in teak veneer.

Is your teak sustainably sourced?

All our teak is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed plantations and each log has complete traceability.

How soon will I recieve my furniture?

All of our furniture is made to order. On average furniture delivery times is 12 weeks.