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Fight the Fakes – Buy into Authentic British Design

Fight the Fakes – Buy into Authentic British Design

Social media has literally lifted the net curtain on other people’s homes, giving us a colour popping ‘shop’ window into how the other half live… and here at Nathan, we love it!

But creating your own Insta ready home comes with a caution, one which design visionary, the late Sir Terence Conran, perfectly understood. Despite making great design accessible to the majority, through famously pioneering flat pack furniture and introducing the duvet to a befuddled UK, he also in his later years campaigned tirelessly to protect British design by asking for it to be put on a parity with art, literature and music which is protected for 70 years after its creator’s death.

Credited as saying “Buy the real thing, or buy nothing…”, Conran and the former Editor in Chief of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehin finally provoked a change in the UK copyright law in 2017 after several years of lobbying, an amendment which now thankfully goes a long way towards preventing unscrupulous companies from making and selling copies of designer furniture at cheap prices.

The road to success for Britain’s young designers, is and always has been, a long and painful one, peppered with great financial risk. To ensure a finished design not only looks fabulous but is comfortable, functional and durable, takes artistry and craftsmanship. So it is right and important that it is protected.  Indeed, our award winning* S Range designed by John and Sylvia Reid in 1960, was a pioneering first in post war British furniture, being unlike anything else available on the market at the time. The range not only democratised design, making the aspirational affordable, but also introduced a new kind of futuristic furniture which worked well in the new, smaller post war housing developments.

Even more importantly, 59 years after its creation, the S230 dining chair was awarded the prestigious *Design Guild Mark, a coveted hallmark which aims to drive excellence and raise the profile of British design and innovation. The chair’s comfortable simplicity, and modern streamlined refinement standing the test of time.

So, as you click through on the next cool and colourful mid-century Insta scene, make sure you are clicking through to John and Sylvia Reid from Nathan, the home of a true British design classic. With each item carrying its own unique serial number as a stamp of its authenticity, if you decide to ‘add to basket’ you do so in the full knowledge that you will become a part owner in a piece of British design history. Something you definitely can’t buy from the copy-cat faux-sters.