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Heritage of Nathan and John & Sylvia Reid

Heritage of Nathan and John & Sylvia Reid

As our love affair with all things mid-century continues, we have dipped into our archives to uncover the story behind some of our own mid-century design classics, in particular the timeless and iconic S-Range.

In 1952, Patrick Radford, the then MD of Stag Furniture – whose son Nicholas worked for Stag and is now MD of Nathan Furniture – contracted the acclaimed architects and designers, John and Sylvia Reid, as the company’s new consultant designers. It was an alliance which spanned more than 10 years and made a ground breaking impact on post-war British furniture design. Seven decades on, not only is the furniture the Reids designed more popular and sought after than ever, but several of the pieces are instantly recognisable as design classics as well as being well loved Instagram favourites.

Coined ‘mid-century modern’ by the well-known homes and interiors writer and author, Cara Greenberg in the 1980s, the style of furniture designed by the Reids took much of its inspiration from the futuristic influences of the 1951 Festival of Britain and the utilitarian practicality of the war. Incorporating new materials such as sculpted metal detailing and the lighter, straighter grained woods of teak and beech, their furniture ranges were as pioneering as those by Day and Hille (whom the duo previously worked for), forging a sleek, under-stated aesthetic for a new generation.

In 2018, as the inaugural step in a new collaboration, Nathan Furniture and Dominic Reid, son of John and Sylvia, re-issued one of these iconic original furniture ranges – the S-Range of lounge and dining furniture, which the couple had designed for Nathan in 1960.

Comprising all 13 pieces of cabinet and upholstered furniture from the early range, inclusive of the modular, slender sideboards and storage units and low slung arm chairs and settees, the new S-Range features all the authentic design detailing and craftsmanship of the originals, down to the distinctive V shaped legs in satin plated steel and black laminate trims.

Once progressive and aspirational, today’s S-Range is the new collectable. With each piece carrying a unique serial number and badge of authentication, it brings together bona fide mid-century credentials with a super stylish modern framework for self-expression and multi-functional living.

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