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John & Sylvia Reid Timeline

John & Sylvia Reid Timeline
  • John and Sylvia Reid (née Payne) meet whilst studying at the Regent Street Polytechnic School of Architecture in London, at the beginning of the Second World War and are married in 1948.

  • Sylvia initially worked for Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry, becoming assistant to Robin Day from 1950-1951 − co-designing the signage for the Festival of Britain with Day and Milner Gray. 
  • John Reid created the mural of musical instruments for Day’s room setting in the Home Entertainment section of the Homes and Gardens Pavilion at the Festival of Britain. 
  • John and Sylvia started working together in 1949, setting up in practice as Chartered Architects and Consultant Designers in 1951. 
  • The Reids were approached by the Stag Cabinet Company, a bedroom furniture manufacturer based in Nottingham, in 1952. The company wanted to introduce more contemporary designs so approached the Council of Industrial Design who recommended the Reids. 
  • The Reids inaugural range – the C Range (bedroom furniture) became a commercial success, meeting with the approval of the design fraternity, and appearing in Heal’s catalogues for two consecutive years. 
  • By 1957 the success of the C Range accounted for 52% of Stag’s overall sales – the range remained in production until 1962. 
  • Although the manufacturers originally concealed that the Reids had designed the C-Range – by the mid-1950s the fact that it was architect designed became a key selling point. 
  • The S-Range (dining room furniture) was launched in 1960. The range originally consisted of eight pieces, comprising; low-slung teak-veneered cabinets with projecting ‘tab’ handles and V-shaped legs in nickel-plated stainless steel, slim leather covered dining chairs, three alternative tables and a variety of sideboards and shelving units. 
  • The S-Range was accepted by the Council of Industrial Design for inclusion in their Design Index. 
  • The Reids also designed; Fineline (1960), Duet (1961-2) and Minstrel (1963). 
  • By 1963 the Reids had become so busy with their architectural practice that they stopped designing for Stag. 
  • Son of John and Sylvia Reid, Dominic Reid OBE RIBA, joins the John and Sylvia architectural design practice in 1990 and remains there until 1992. 
  • Dominic Reid starts working on the re-issue of the John and Sylvia archive in 2007 in consultation with Sylvia Reid. 
  • Nicholas Radford md of Nathan Furniture and son of the original manufacturer (Stag), joins Dominic Reid in 2014 to plan the re-issue of the John and Sylvia S-Range. 
  • The John and Sylvia S-Range is launched at Clerkenwell Design Week May 2018.