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New Year – New View

New Year – New View

Despite leaving behind the ‘annus horribilis’ that was 2020, 2021 also looks set to be a challenging year. The dream that all our freedoms and ‘normal’ ways of living would miraculously return, is unfortunately, for a while at least, set to remain a dream. This painful fact therefore means that our homes will continue to be our sanctuaries where we do pretty much all of our living. Remember the Mars Bar advert from the 1970s and 1980s (some readers might?!) advocating the importance of ‘Work, Rest and Play’? This mantra encapsulates perfectly what our homes need to be geared up to accommodate.

Nathan Interiors Stylist, Victoria Alderson, who knows all about the challenges of 24/7 family life inside the same four walls, shares some ideas about how to maximise the space in your home to make it as peaceful and multi-functional as possible.

“The reality is that many of us haven’t even made it back to the office yet, due to what started out as a temporary arrangement now becoming the norm. Self-isolation and the current lockdown also means that for those of us with children, home schooling is very much a day-to-day reality. What all this means for our homes is that there is mountains more ‘stuff’ to accommodate and use, and when it’s not in use, store away – which means that the space and the furniture need to work extra hard!

“Additional shelving is an easy and obvious way of getting books, papers and laptops off the kitchen or dining room table and out of the way. But, if you are really wanting things to be ‘out of sight and out of mind’ so you can truly switch off, then why not consider adding a ‘top unit’ to an existing cabinet or sideboard? Nathan has a wide selection of Top Units with shelving, including some with lockable glass doors which can double the storage capacity of an existing piece of furniture. Take a look at the many options available in the Originals and Trafalgar ranges, with Nathan Originals being especially on point as it features the brand’s famous ‘cruciform door’ designed in 1970.

“Under-utilised corners can also present additional storage solutions, which is why Nathan has created several half and full height Corner Units, all in its high grade, golden hued teak, which also come in a range of classic and vintage styles. Take a look at Originals and Trafalgar to find out more. Awkward spaces under the stairs can also be great places to locate a new storage unit.

“Finally, it is important whilst the days are cold and short to maximise the light and sense of the outside in our homes. Might your home benefit from a furniture re-shuffle whilst lockdown is happening? Work spaces near windows have the advantage of natural light, a sense of added space and if they look out over a park or garden, a connection to nature. You can also bring the outside in by using plants to demarcate work and rest areas. Cleaning the air around them whilst giving out oxygen, a little greenery can detox interiors as well as adding beauty and a sense of calm – something many of us might be appreciative of just now!”

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