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Sustainably Sourced Style

Sustainably Sourced Style

Here at Nathan we are never slaves to ‘style over substance’.

Stylish, yes. A browse at our elegant and contemporary Nathan Classic range or our re-issue of the original mid-century collection of lounge and dining furniture by John & Sylvia Reid confirms this, with both remaining sought after by designers and interiors fans since their respective launches in the 1960s and 70s.

Nevertheless, we also take our responsibility to our customers and the planet very seriously, which is why all our woods and veneers from our golden hued teak to our solid white oak are sustainably sourced.

Teak is a precious resource, growing naturally only in the Tropics and so we continue to work with our suppliers to protect and ensure that this Tree of Trees is sustainably sourced so we can enjoy it for generations to come. All our teak is sourced from forests under the strict control and stewardship of the Indonesian government. For further information visit Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade.

Likewise our oak comes from America, where it is governed by the American Hardwood Export Council, a government body which monitors the forests and farming practices to ensure that forest growth and harvest is all managed sustainably. For further information visit the American Hardwood Export Council.

Using veneers to create the high quality design and finish on our teak and oak furniture – a practice dating back to Chippendale and beyond – also means that we only ever use the minimum amount of these desirable and beautiful timbers. Using veneers also enables us to create the faultlessly symmetrical panels, doors, drawer fronts and table tops for which we are renowned.

Sustainable style that will last you a lifetime. Get inspired at: @nathanfurniture1916